Survivorship Influence

Survivorship Influence

Apr 14, 2023

Behind every successful best-seller author, there are authors whose books are never sold. Behind them, there are authors whose unfinished manuscripts are still lying in one corner of a writing table collecting dust. Behind them, there are authors who dream of one day- writing a book. We only hear about the successful authors and would not know about many of them who could not reach that stage. Knowing about such authors tells us how unlikely literary success actually is.

This holds good for photographers, artists, painters, athletes, musicians, beauty queens, ramp walkers, television show presently, architect and entrepreneurs, and many more....!!!

All these unsuccessful people are somewhere in graveyards and mind well the media and publicity people are no longer interested in digging graveyard to pull out these unsuccessful people.

 This is called 'survivorship influence'.

If you have to elude the survivorship influence, you need to do digging yourselfSurvivorship influence can become extremely harmful and can cause significant damage when you start assuming yourself as a member of a winning team. What it means, even if your success is just popped up by mere coincidence, you will start comparing yourself with other winners and discover similarities with them and you will be tempted to believe theses as success factors.

Survivorship influence means you systematically start overestimating your chances of success.

It's important to guard against it by frequently, visiting the graveyards of those unsuccessful but promising people.